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Vietnam Playlist

It was in the afternoon, just as we started approaching Saigon on our Sinh Tourist bus last Sunday, that I realised I couldn’t find my ipod. I started to sadly resign myself to it being the latest and most valuable addition to the ‘trail’ (as Luke calls it) that I seem to be leaving behind me through Vietnam. This includes around £40 (the first sum of money I had changed in Hanoi), my sunglasses, Luke’s new glasses case that was temporarily in my care for a few hours (jumped out of my bag?) and my luggage locks – each lost at different locations.

‘Don’t worry’, I told myself. ‘Yes, it’s true that you’ve had that ipod for over 6 years, it’s one of your treasured possessions, it saw you safely through the last year of school and university, but, maybe losing it is a good thing? Maybe it will mark a positive end to the last 6 years?’ But it was hard to believe the spin. Losing it just as we showed up in HCMC, it seemed to me that a curse was being put on our arrival in the motherland. It felt like I was being followed by a thieving shadow.

I’ve looked forward to all the bus journeys we’ve had in Vietnam so far, overnight or day, mostly because it’s a chance to uninterruptedly loop certain songs.

Luckily it turned out my ipod was just down the back of the seat, and so the HCMC curse was lifted and we strolled happily out into the city. Hopefully, I’ll not add anything else to my shadow trail. But just in case the ipod does disappear, here’s my current looping playlist:

Roxy Music: Take A Chance With Me

Roxy Music: More Than This

Phương Dung: Đố Ai. Potential contender for Lily’s Wedding.

Bryan Ferry: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Prince: 17 Days
17 Days

Roxy Music:

Tiyiselani Vomaseve: Na Xaniseka

Giorgio Moroder: Knights in White Satin

Aster Aweke: Track 2 From album, ‘Aster Aweke’. Can’t find Track 2 on the internet, so this is Track 1 instead –

Richard Anthony: Je Ne Vivrais Sans Toi. Was reminded of this one today in Me Cafe, HCMC, when they played Dusty Springfield’s ‘You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’. My mum used to sing old hits from the UK or the US like this one but in the French language adaptations, was always quite funny.

Roxy Music: Jealous Guy. The sentiment of this song is basically just a shit excuse, but such catchy music.