Slicing A Mango Into Julienne Strips

The chopping part of this process went on for much longer than this video shows. You need to hack the mango a lot before you can slice it vertically to get the julienne pieces. The mango must be very hard and underripe, or it will be impossible to slice in this way.

I picked up this trick not from an auntie or friend, no: in Tranh Anh Hung’s film, the Scent of Green Papaya, the serving girl protagonist’s job is to slice up a green papaya with a machete for the family she works for. The Papayas grow in the family courtyard, and it’s a task we see her performing regularly as a young girl and an adult. When Lily from Longdan supermarket gave me this recipe, she told me she thought mango was better than papaya, being both cheaper and sweeter!

NB: Feats like these are for show-offs and cheap-skates. When in doubt, use a proper Julienne Shredder or a grater. Don’t chop off your fingers.


4 thoughts on “Slicing A Mango Into Julienne Strips


    traveling through Bangkok right now and I’m seeing tons of mangos and papayas being shredded by scoring the fruit with a fork and then using a vegetable peeler….either way, so happy to eat this fruit!


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